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Liam Smyth, a graduate student at Bristol University has raised more than 10 times the money he had requested for replacing his window. The guy shared an odd but most hilarious incident on a crowdfunding platform that has taken over the internet and sending laughs down the spine, a girl, a boy and firefighters.

The action started when Liam and his Tinder date, who by the way is keeping herself safe from all the fame for uhh…you will know why!!

They had a nice date and headed back for Liam’s apartment. (Wish they hadn’t). Watching a documentary, everything seemed fine until the girl went up to use the loo.

And the plan of their beautiful or attest “Nah-or- mal” date was about to get thrown away out the bathroom window. No, like literally. The girl had her “Dumb & Dumber” moment here if you know what I mean. She took a poop and to her horror (just started baby), it refused to go down the flush. {Poops these days I tell you}.

Horrified of the crap, she revived the Sherlock Holmes inside her and decided to somehow pack the poop and throw it outta the window. Don’t even try to beat your head up about the retrieving part.

Still watching the documentary, our hero had no idea about the plot twist and climax of his date. Surprisingly, his date did not break the bathroom wall and flew off the building with a parachute (because that would have been too mainstream right?). So she decided to tell the tale.

Alright, time for the plot twist- behind the window was another window, perhaps for double security so that nothing precious could get thrown out. (Irony laughs in the background). And the package got stuck on the shelf between the two windows.

see this:

via GoFundMe

Liam wanted to break the window, but to save him out of misery, or should we say, to put him in a bigger one, our Charlie’s Angel was up with another mission! Being an amateur gymnast, she decided to slip in between the windows, pick the poop, and get right back out, the only thing that she could not.

via GoFundMe
via GoFundMe

Now you understand why their date had a love triangle with firefighters?? Right!

The firefighters took about 15 minutes to rescue our Bond girl (excluding the time they took to calm themselves down from the laughter riot of the scene). And finally, the window was “Rested in Peace”, not in one piece though.

Via GoFundMe

Being a student, Liam could not afford a new window and hence posted about his dream (a cough!! “Nightmare”) date on GoFundMe in order to raise 200 euros with a heading “Replacement Window”. Having raised more money, he has pledged to donate some of the extra funds to both the Toilet Twinning charity (which builds and maintains toilets for people in developing countries) and the local firefighters’ charity.

Via GoFundMe


Can we already get over our DDLJ romance, please??? This is more realistic than running behind a train. YOU GO GUYZZZ!!

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