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Top 10 controversial movies of Tollywood

The Telugu Film Industry has made movies that were blockbuster hits and at the same time have also made highly controversial movies. The controversies raised have been majorly due to the presence of sexual or abusive content in the films. Some other controversies were also regarding title issues.

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu

This movie starring Pawan Kalyan and Tamannaah as lead characters gave rise to a protest led by TDP, YSRC and Telengana activists. They were agitated because the story and some of the dialogues in the movie were aimed at them. They also went on to create havoc at the director, Puri Jagannadh’s office and destroy it. The situation further led to issues between the director and DVV Danayya, the producer of the film. Even though Pawan Kalyan was in Europe with his family, he was in constant touch with the director and the producer. He stayed calm while all the controversies happened. 

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Dhenikaina Ready

This action-comedy movie was on one of the most controversial movies of its time.  A couple of Brahmin organizations complained that a few of the scenes in the movie were demeaning to their groups. The community was being misrepresented especially in an offensive manner. The Brahmana Abhyudaya Seva Samithi wanted the director and producer to apologize for the negative portrayal of Brahmins.

Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

This movie which revolved around a mining mafia created quite a lot of controversies. In the film, the Mafia Dons of Bellary and the atrocious crimes they commit are shown. A particular group of people claimed that the portrayal in the movie was quite similar to the life of the BJP Leader Gali Janardhan Reddy. Media also stated that the character was shown negatively as Reddappa.  The director, Krish addressed the media by giving diplomatic answers to the questions regarding the controversy.


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Bus Stop

This movie was not appreciated by a large group of students because of its double meaning dialogues and misleading scenes. Protests were held in Hyderabad at Sandhya Theater by student organizations. They burnt down the movie’s flexes and created chaos to ban the movie. Powerful slogans were aimed at the censor board as the film was certified even before it was appropriately censored.


This film had title issues. The ‘Daruvu’ Cultural association President Daruvu Eliana raised a claim that ‘Daruvu’ is the name of one of Telangana’s cultural associations. He also said that, when such an association functions to ensure Telangana’s cultural protection, it is insulting to use the same title for a film that has vulgar content. They demanded that the movie title is changed. Some of the agitators even arrived at the audio function that was held at Prasad Labs and raised slogans.


Kapu Nadu, an organization raised a complaint that this film portrayed Sri Krishnadevaraya, the much loved and respected King, in a negative way. Narayana Swamy Royal, the president of the organization stated that the king was shown as an item dancer in the film which was extremely derogatory. He demanded the makers of the film to cut out all the scenes and songs that insult the king. In the movie, the king is seen to be enjoying an item dance sequence in a romantic manner. Narayana Swamy Royal threatened to burn down the reels of the film if such sequences were not removed.


Racha, directed by Sampath Nandi has Ram Charan and Tamannaah playing the lead roles. It was also dubbed into other languages like Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil. This film gave rise to controversies much before it was released. In the film, a love song was shot with Gautam Buddha’s idol in its background. The remixed song, ‘Vaana Vaana Velluvaaye’   had both the lead characters in it and was shot in front of the idol thereby leading to a huge amount of criticism raised by women organizations. The Jaathiya Arundhati Mahila Shakti filed a complaint stating about the obscene scenes in the movie which is inappropriate to our culture.

A Woman in Brahminism

This movie became controversial for the obscenity in it. One of the Brahmin communities stated that some of the scenes were made with the intention of targeting that particular caste and that it hurt their sentiments. The community also wanted the screening of the film to be stopped or if not at least the scenes that caused this controversy to be taken out.

Sorry Teacher

This movie directed by Sri Satya has Aryaman and Kavya Singh playing the lead roles. The sleazy content in the film led to a huge controversy. The Andhra Pradesh Teachers’ Community registered a complaint with the Censor Board and State Human Rights Commission. They requested that the shooting of the film be stopped as it was demeaning and insulting to the to the teachers’ community.


This film starring Akkineni Nagarjuna ended up with a title controversy. Naveen Kalyan complained that he had registered the same name at the APFCC in 2008. He also claimed that he had shot half of the film.

In spite of all these controversies, Tollywood continues to make a huge amount of profit and run successfully. In terms of generation of revenue, the industry is responsible for one percent of the region’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is also home to numerous Guinness Records. Tollywood has always been popular for its commercial consistency. It has had a great influence on commercial cinema all over India. It has always continued to give Indian cinema a lot of quality movies. After all, how can we forget one of the biggest contributions to Indian cinema, Baahubali: The Beginning.

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