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Very recently, Kollywood actor Dhanush filed a petition in Madras High Court against the case filed by an elderly couple claiming that he was their son.


A few months back (in November 2016), the couples R Kathiresan (65) and his wife Meenakshi (53) filed a case in Melur Judicial Magistrate Court of Madurai. As per the petition, they claimed that actor Dhanush is their biological son. Moreover, they also asserted that he has failed to provide financial support to them.


In their complaint, they have claimed that actor Dhanush was born to them on November 7, 1985, at the Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai. They stated that he ran away from home to Chennai when he was just a schoolboy so as to get into the film industry. They also said that their son (Dhanush) never returned back and they saw him only in movies as an actor.

In addition to that, they also mentioned that Dhanush was their third son and sought a monthly maintenance of Rs 65000 from him.

However, they have not submitted any proof to support their claim. In fact, they don’t even have any documents to prove that the actor was born to them. The only support for their claims is the set of school documents mentioning the birth marks of their ‘son’.


The magistrate, who took the case, directed the actor to appear before the court.

However, Dhanush denied the couple’s paternity claims in its entirety. Dhanush, son in law of superstar Rajinikanth, told that the court should not have lodged the case without any evidence. He said that it is all absurd and filed a petition against the claims. Further, he also referred their claims as a case of blackmail.

In the petition, Dhanush mentioned that he is a well-known actor. He also cited that he was born to Krishnamoorthy (Kasthuri Raja), and Vijayalakshmi on July 28, 1983, at the Government Children’s Hospital in Egmore, Chennai.

Further, he also stated that his original name was Venkatesh Prabhu, which he changed to Dhanush K Raja after joining film industry in 2003.


Complying with the orders on February 28, the actor was examined carefully in light of the elderly couple’s claim. As per reports,Dhanush was examined in daylight and also using torchlight without using any eraser and only water and spirit, there was no mole over his left collar or scar in his left elbow. It was possible to remove a small superficial mole completely, but not a scar.

The report also stated:A small superficial mole had been removed using laser technique without any trace. Similarly, removal of another large mole can be seen by thermoscope.

At the moment, Kathiresan, who claims that he is the rightful father of Dhanush pleas to hold a DNA test to know the truth about the parentage. Even after few months of the court proceedings, both sides are still unable to come to a  single concrete fix to the issue.

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