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Some of us might have faced problems with an airline, be it jet lag, tasteless food, uhh male air hostess (like why?) or any other normal issue that one can have while traveling by air. But have you ever faced any problem with the size of an airplane’s toilet?

Let us introduce you to this amusing rant of a girl on an airplane toilet seat who traveled from Florida to Texas with her boyfriend. Having seated in the economy class, she wanted to explore the luxurious side but have faced some hilariously odd problems. One of those, by the way, is an inability of a third person to fit into the airplane’s toilet. Wait!! But why would you even want that? Never mind. Problems do not stop there, she has some major issues of rights and we can only recommend you to keep your common sense at bay.

And by common sense, we mean every bit of working the muscle in your brain including the grammar Nazi for an airplane toilet seat.

#Have a look at her post that she has published on the PUBLIC Delta Facebook where everyone can see.

airplane toilet seat

“On the 20th of August. My boyfriend and I went on your plane from Florida to Texas. We were in coach and just sat in the back like we were supposed to and everything but we wanted a taste of the good life. It was a red-eye and we got to sneak up there and thought it was going great. Until we got into the bathroom. We thought we would have way more room than standard but it was fake news. Small and crammed we couldn’t have fit a 3rd person in there if we wanted. As we got seated back in our seats I had realized I left my panties in there. the flight attendant wouldn’t let me go back to first class to get them so some sicko is probably sniffing all over my pink lip lockers. hell no. there has to be some sort of amendment here protecting my rights. I want my money back and a free trip to California or I am calling the police. this is not how Bizness needs to be run. we have rights. we voted for trump. make this right.”

This girl has some real world problems but do you care about that?

No. You are so selfish that you only care about the Third World War.

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