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Indian parents are known to be some of the most orthodox and conservative parents in the world. While holding on to the old can be a good thing, failing to keep pace with changing times can have adverse effects not only on the kids, but, sometimes, also on the parents.

  1. Why can’t you be more like your friend?

No two children are similar and it is their uniqueness that should be encouraged as their strong suit rather than drawing parallels between them and belittling them. This only encourages petty rivalry and never allows the child to feel satisfied with little victories and achievements.

  1. Sex and anything related to it is bad.

Forget the act, the very word “sex” is considered to be a taboo in India. As a result, Indian kids hardly ever get any form of sex education, which can result in the prevalence of myths and misinformation regarding sex, which is actually very natural.

  1. Marks are all that matters.

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Indian parents think that if the child is not academically successful, then he is a failure. You will seldom ever hear them encourage their sons and daughters to explore other fields like sports and art. This is especially troublesome for kids with disabilities like dyslexia.

  1. Girls should be good-looking and skilled in the kitchen.

While this may seem like a thing of the past, judging girls on the basis of their looks and their ability to make a perfectly round chapatti is still prevalent in India. What’s worse, this trend is supported and inculcated by parents as well, here!

  1. Psychologists are only for mad people.

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This is something that is harmful to teach kids. In an age where depression and anxiety are becoming widespread, preventing a suffering child from seeking professional help might nudge him towards suicide or drugs. Mental health awareness should be imparted to both parents and kids.

  1. Short dresses.

Any parent who teaches this to his child is a bad parent! Not that there is any correlation between a girl’s morality and her clothes, but this lesson can easily be interpreted by a child as the irrational belief that rape is a woman’s fault.

  1. Members of the opposite sex should never talk to one another.

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Indian parents harbour this belief that a girl and a boy can never be just friends, if they hang out together, they must be hooking up (like that’s a bad thing). From neighbourhood aunties to nosey maids, this is something that can be observed here.

  1. Members of the same sex should be nothing more than friends.

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In India, homosexuality is not only a social sin, but engaging in homosexual “acts” can land you in jail. This is not to say that the neighbourhood uncle does not like lesbian porn but this is a horrid thing for parents to teach their kids.

  1. Engineering or medical are the only valid career choices.

This is a trend that is typical among Indian parents. After the +2s, it’s either medical or engineering. Parents who allow their children to pursue law are considered liberals and those kids aiming for the arts are shunned as failures, who do not deserve respect.

  1. The child should not stray from his own community.

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From choosing friends to spouses, Indian parents always remind their children that people from other communities are bad. While this may not necessarily invoke a sense of communal pride, it can definitely provoke him to pick fights or argue on grounds of difference in community.

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