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This List Of Sexy Selfies Gone Completely Wrong Will Make Your Day

  • Gouri Shrivastava
  • October 8, 2017 at 6:45 pm

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most idiotic of them all? This is one question you would want to ask after getting through this article. The Internet is called web for a reason, as it traps you into doing stupidity, oblivious of the repercussions. Hang in there you internet sensations! I’m about to break a news to you all – Humans have a reflection. Now is the time when being social is all about taking mirror selfies of every action, especially when you have a tiny shiny silver fruit logo at the back your phone. Though giving a little attention to your surrounding while taking pictures hasn’t killed anybody…. Yet.

Here are some selfie victims or should we say, culprits who reinvented the law of reflection. See and learn the angles… you shouldn’t use.

1. When dad wants a girl but mom wants a boy. An output like this would be perfection. “Picture Perfect”.

2. Dear Print media, you don’t need the budget of “Baahubali” for VFX effect but this? Never mind, suit yourself.

3. Don’t lie, nobody even noticed the color of the suit this guy is wearing (only guy in clothes of course). Someone just stole the thunder from our Prom King.

4. Is that a smile one has when they are cleared with constipation they have been sweating upon??

5. The girl could get those glasses for free against this picture proof of Mr. Pervie, the Sales guy.

6. The guy must have thought, oh how can I entertain the entire Subway with such a small screen?

No problem when the glass window is here. Turn around people.

7. Were these people even trying to be sneaky or actually making genuine efforts to seek attention?

8. I feel you girl. At least now everyone knows why you are still single because sometimes you are not. Say hie to your right hand from my side.

9. The smile on his face explains that he has no idea why the people in the room are looking at him with such curiosity.

P.S it is just the reflection of the chairs in the room. But it can’t be unseen what you have seen.

10. Isn’t this a kind of thing that our parents teach us to stay away from? Poor child will think for the rest of her life that scary is the new sexy.


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Gouri Shrivastava

A journalism graduate with an extremely Curious, Confused and a tad mix of Chirp personality. Not a #Wanderer but still hope to take on the world. You Don't know that I know what you think I don't know. P.S I'm a Libra.



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