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A Guy Ends Up With This After A Misadventure Of Two Dates In One Night

  • Gouri Shrivastava
  • September 21, 2017 at 2:36 am

No denying the fact that all of us have felt intrigued at some point by dudes on the big screens who keeps hopping onto different chicks at the same time. Remember Ranbir Kapoor’s character “Raj” from “Bachna Ae Haseeno” who keeps breaking his girls’ hearts. But hello, he is Ranbir Kapoor right, so he kinda gets away with it in the end but not every guy is, not even close.

Here is the story of this guy on Reddit, who after his both dates decides to retire from Dating. Poor dude!! Read & Learn.

So this guy who survived by an inch to tell his one-night tale that happened about 4 months ago decided to write it on Reddit. The guy was living with his friend who he also works with and his wife, who by the way was recently married. The reason why he had to make this “not” so love triangle with the couple was his divorce that gave away his house to his ex-wife. He was very much aware of the kinda feeling a couple has, not getting their space.

So not only our guy has divorced himself but he could also be the reason for someone else’s too.

Nevertheless, the roommate’s wife set him up for a blind date with one of her “Close” friends who she thought could be a good match for him. The blind date was going as it was supposed to be the guy while still on his date, could find time for Tinder. Seriously? Out of 24 hours, this was the best time for Tinder?

Anyway, this guy also had a hopeless Tinder match who out of the blue wanted to hang out. To get going for his Tinder date, he subtly ended the blind date saying he’s tired and need to crash hence they should call it a night. The guy was oblivious of how close or not friends his blind date and roommate were so he texted his friend that his date was going great and went ahead for #Date2.

Never, I repeat never underestimate the quality of gossip girls however close or not friends they are.

Date 2 was going amazing with drinks & dance- shots & songs and they both headed to DJ booth to make out. Suddenly this guy started to feel wet, urgh however for all the wrong reasons and wrong place. Our very own #Date1 was standing behind, after hitting a Corona bottle on his head. No prizes for guessing how she tracked Mr Bond. After exchanging a few texts with her friend who thought #Date1 was still going on, she asked for his location saying she lost him aaanndd -Play the current track.

The first thing he probably remembered was getting up in a hospital with 3 stitches and no date (thankfully). He basically decided to get a retirement from dating after not getting a response from one date and not giving to another. (Do we have to tell which & who?)

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